Sunday, August 28, 2011

Promoting a Healing Response in Your Body

When considering positive health for yourself, have you ever noticed if you are thoughtfully responding or reflexively reacting to sensations in your body?  

To thoughtfully respond is to answer or reply to what your body is telling you.  This means to come alongside your body, by sending calming thoughts and messages to the areas of sensation you may be experiencing, in order to assist what is functional and learn to understand your weaknesses and to cultivate your strengths. 

To reflexively react is to oppose or go against your bodyLearning to be gentle and compassionate with your body's messages and sensations is a large step to learning how to maintain resilience and vitality. 
Create awareness and a HEALING RESPONSE by observing and listening to your own body, YOU CAN develop a valuable, healthy connection with yourself.  Simply saying,  "I value a connection with my body" is a powerful way to create a healing response throughout your body.

Manual therapy offers hands-on support by listening to where your body's soft tissue systems need support and encourages your body's motility and mobility of contractile and non-contractile tissue, hydrates fascia, increases the range of motion (ROM) of joint complexes, induces relaxation, aids muscle function, reduces pain, soft tissue swelling, inflammation and movement restrictions.  Thereby addressing patterns of chronic conditions.